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The Best of Hamaraja Night

The Best of Hamaraja Night screenshot

The Best of Hamaraja Night is an MSX2 conversion of the Japanese turboR game made by Pastel Hope. Crawl into the skin of dance king Parao and play all the girls from the dance floor using your dance skills. But make sure they don't get you cornered!

Get Inspired by the great background music and be guaranteed of hours of fantastic gameplay.

Some music from the game (Moonsound versions):

The black hole, intro credits
The Dancemaster

The Cure

The Cure screenshot

The Cure is our MSXdev'05 entry.

Every one hundred years the forces of evil mysteriously start to weaken.

Some of the evil creatures hide, others gather together to stand united. It does not help them much... Many are slaughtered...

But now One, the most evil one, has found a way to break this curse, and to grow only stronger and stronger. One sensed the presence of a cure within the blood of a young woman and he pulled her into the darkness.

All happened right in front of our hero his eyes... Filled with anger he grabbed his mystical whip and followed One through the night.

After a long search, our hero stands at the base of One his castle.

What evil awaits him there? Will he save the girl in time? It is up to you!

As you see the game and some graphics are inspired by a pretty well known MSX2 game made by Konami ^^; I think our game is even bit more difficult to finish :)

You can download the game from The MSXDEV Team website.

Or you can download The Cure here.

You can buy the game om a real cartridge from The MSX Repro Factory.

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