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XL2S Entertainment develops games and other software for MSX computers.


29 November, 2015 - Updated some links. Removed some links.

6 November, 2011 - We have Sjasm 0.42c with Microsoft Visual Studio compatible error messages for you to download.

6 February, 2011 - ~8^) No real new updates, just re-added some songs that were available years ago here.

Bad news for Dash! fans: as you all know we planned to join MSXdev06 with it, which we did not after all. What you do not know is that we planned to join MSXdev10 with it... Which we did not after all. We have some more ideas we want to use, and we are working on it for about 6 years now. So, a year more or less, who cares, right?

Same goes for The Revenge of The Last Dragon, although we did not plan to enter MSXdev with that one. GhostwriterP is redesigning the main character once again, as we speak. Development hell, anyone? ;-)

6 september 2009 - Great news for everyone who would like to try to port Sjasm to MSX: the sourcecode is included in the download.

28 june 2009 - We killed some small bugs in Sjasm and hacked EX AF,AF' into it. But more important: The new TwoFun brings what we have all been waiting for: the possibility to change the colors from the song! Imagine that! We also removed some bugs, and added a new title screen.

10 November 2008 - More better Sjasm!

8 August 2008 - We have a better Sjasm and a better TwoFun. We are still working on the TwoFun replayer.

Make sure you also take a look at Blur, our MSX Resource Center Mega Challenge entry.

15 May 2008 - We have Sjasm 0.4 beta 4 for you to download. And SjASM 0.39g6.

15 March 2008 - We have Sjasm 0.4 beta 3 for you to download.

3 March 2008 - We uploaded a new and improved Sjasm beta.

28 February 2008 - And we have the first bug-fix :) Pletter 0.5c1 is a better pletter.

27 February 2008 - I compiled Sjasm under Linux, and got about 3600 warnings and a couple of errors, so I am having lots of fun. But I will fix that. In the meantime you can download a Win32 beta of Sjasm version 0.4 somewhere on this site. Or the version I compiled under Debian Linux, but I have no idea if that will work elsewhere. Of course the same goes for the Windows version. At least it works on my PCs ;)

There is also a new version of the Pletter compressor online, named Pletter0.5c.

Most fun update is of course the TwoFun PSG Music editor beta download. Not only with lots of colors, but now also with some SCC support. And new screenshots, to show off some of the great color presets. Check it out and have fun for two!

January 25, 2008 - I made a projects page with all the information we want to share on our work-in-progress projects. Have fun!

January 16, 2008 - I uploaded Pletter0.5b again. Pletter.exe should be at least 150KB, 24KB is not enough for anyone.

January 2, 2008 - I uploaded Pletter0.5b, a somewhat more improved version.

October 27, 2007 - I uploaded Pletter0.5a, a somewhat more improved version.

October 26, 2007 - I uploaded Pletter0.5, try to have fun with it. SjASM4 is fun too, but I still have to figure out some nice way to report errors, and I still have to include some more features to make it a bit more SjASM3 compatible. It was much faster than SjASM3 but I have included some more functionality to make sure that that will not be noticeable. NoFun is fun too, but I still have to include some more instrument edit, load and save routines. And maybe make a replayer.

September 6, 2007 - A part of the site is online again. (You did notice it was gone for a while, didn't you?) The projects page will be back some time in the future. Anyway, still no new games, no new Pletter, no new SjASM and no NoFun. So, no news.

March 29, 2007 - We have a new version of pletter online. Sjoerd actually used Pletter himself for his Dash! project, and some files took quite some time to compress. This had to be corrected, of course.

Talking of NoFun, we still do not have a new name, so you will have to wait for the trail version a bit longer.

March 18, 2007 - We are very busy getting the new and improved SjASM to work somewhat like we want to, and still get bug reports on the previous version. So I added some more known bugs to the list; some are pretty embarrassing :-) As you can see, I moved mulub and muluw from the features to the known bugs.

Anyway does anybody know something about undocumented R800 instructions? Like the rumoured TST instruction? Mail us and get a free SjASM Z80 Assembler.

Talking about NoFun, we will put a trailversion online in the near future. Hold your breath, I would say...

January 18, 2007 - We made some progress on NoFun, Lux and Dash!

September 22, 2006 - We wrote an MSXdev'05 The Cure backstage report a couple of months ago, and just recently sjoerd rediscovered it :-) Go read it at the Paxangasoft website. If you can find it.

I updated the projects section; only projects we are actively working on are listed. As you can see both Dash! and Lux are removed.

The main problem with Lux is that the only thing we know is that it would feature a girl with blue hair. That isn't quit enough to make a game. Since it is already september and all we have is some (pretty nice) graphics, we think it is save to say it would be impossible to create a decent game in the limited amount of time that is left. We think Lux deserves better.

We apologize for the premature announcements of both Dash! and Lux. To prove we have learned from the past we won't tell what we are working on now ;-)

August 20, 2006 - I made some minor lay-out changes, added Pletter and didn't even mention NoFun, which will be used as our PSG music tracker. If it will ever be finished. There seem to be some problems with Lux, but Dash! will be great!

Hmm, it seems we are working more on 'secret' projects, than on anything mentioned on this site ^^;

May 8, 2006 - We registered Dash! with MSXdev'06, so I added a title screen to the Dash! section of this site. A couple of days back I also added a screenshot of the mazedemo.

April 28, 2006 - Total redesign of the site. Really. I removed the Realfun and download sections to make place for a projects section. I added a projects section. I added all the info you will get on Lux until somewhere in november. I added screenshots of the 'Dragon Engine' and Realfun. And I will make it big news on the frontpage when I change something.

I would like to add that some browsers don't show this site the way I anticipated. I don't like these browsers.


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